Thursday, January 25, 2007

4 times a day

That's how many times I have to test my blood sugar level.

Ok, first things first, THANK YOU to all my loving family & friends who have called, emailed & prayed for me. You have really made this whole "thing" much easier.

So yesterday Cam & I went to a 2 1/2 hour class all about Gestational Diabetes. We learned sooo much! Instead of trying to explain everything & share all the important stuff we learned I'll give you just a few highlights.
  • Why I have Gestational Diabetes
  • How to care for myself & Squirt
  • How to take my blood sugar levels (that includes operating my own personal "One Touch Ultra"
  • What my diet MUST be for the remainder of this pregnancy
  • How this will effect both Squirt & I in the future
  • That God's timing & reasoning for EVERYTHING is PERFECT

Last night after the class Cam & I got to sit in traffic and discuss the changes we would be making, starting immediately. It was such a huge blessing to have Cam at the class with me, he supports me & loves me unconditionally, I can't believe God has given me so wonderful! Sorry, I'm emotional...anyway, we had to pick up my new best friend (the One Touch Ultra) before heading home for the last night with my Mom. It was great to have my Mom here, as soon as I got home she wanted to know everything & started helping me put a dinner together. I have to say, this diet is really gonna be a good thing.

So today I get to clean out some stuff that I know will be tempting to eat & make a healthy shopping trip. Think about this; most of us on any kind of diet seem to find a day in the week, or a certain meal during the week that we call a "cheat meal" or a "cheat day". THERE IS NO CHEATING ON THIS DIET! Not even if you go into labor & decide you really want that ice cream. I mention this to help you understand this is for the good of my life & Squirt's. I also mention this so when I am with any of you, please remember, I have a very strict schedule & diet that I must stick to. Please be supportive of me, it will help me out tremendously.

Thank you again for reading this & loving my family & I so much. Hugs to everyone. If not before, I promise to update again next Thursday after my follow up appointment with my nutritionist & a check-up with my doctor.

(BTW - For some reason my spell check isn't working, so forgive any errors)


carrie*postma said...

okay. YOU CAN DO THIS! I know it will definitely be a challenge but, I know you can do this. You helped your hubby on his, you just have to be as strict with yourself! ;-)
You will be in my prayers! LOVIES!

Leah said...

Like Carrie said - you can do this!!! You are strong and determined and will get through this!!! You are in my prayers!!! Love ya!!

Karen said...

I believe you can do it too!!! Just keep your little one in mind and it will be that easy.

*corinne* said...

**Hey girlie! I luv your attitude in regards to this whole thing. You're awesome! Keep that positive outlook, the Lord is going to bless you. Luv ya!

Mama Hen said...

Jess, I'm pulling for ya! I know how tough this can be especially not to cheat. Just keep your eyes focused on the prize! THE HEALTHIEST BABY EVER! And honestly, thank the LORD everyday that YOU are so special to HIM that HE is blessing YOU with one of HIS Angels!

Unca Dave said...

This ain't nothing but a chicken wing on a string.

Here's Uncle Dave's prescription - - -
Any time you feel like eating or drinking something that isn't on your diet, you give either Cam or Cammie (or both)a hug.

Then you have them give you a hug back.

Then you give them another hug.

Then they give you one back. . . .

Repeat the above as needed

Brianna Fantasia said...

ahhh...Jess. You can totally do this!! you can do all things thru Christ who stregthens you!!! ;) You'll be in my prayers!! i can't wait to see your new home!!! Love to you all!