Friday, March 23, 2007

Take a Journey with Me.


3am ~ Waking up totally nausias is no fun. The nasty feeling sticks with me until after 7am.

9am ~ My Mom, Cami, & I head out to run several errands. You know those things you put off & then realize they must get done (especially before the new baby arrives).

12pm ~ The nausia is back, with revenge!

3pm ~ I took a nap & still feel a bit ill. Where did my appetite go?

4pm ~ I don't ever remember feeling this ill before...

6pm ~ Yeah, those contractions really aren't going away, maybe I'll start timing them now...

9pm ~ The contractions are consistant between 4-7 minutes apart. I call my personal expert (my sis Cath, thank you!) I drink a huge glass of water & Cam takes me for an evening stroll around the neighborhood.

11pm ~ Every 4 minutes during our whole walk, let's call labor & delivery...


3am ~ Last night L&D said it sounds like the early stages of labor, "stay home, get some rest & call if your water breaks or you can no longer walk/talk during the contrations". The contrations are now 4 minutes apart & won't let me get any rest, I need to get out of bed!

4:30am ~ I finished-up this weeks Bible Study lesson, straightened a few things around the house & started my BLOG...still 4 minutes apart, but I can funtion with the pain.


Anonymous said...

and the rest of the story??? :):):)
(were you really blogging during that time??)

carrie*postma said...

LOL! you are funny...better finish up the story for those that don't know what happened next!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen said...

I wanna hear the rest too!! Congrats and I can't wait to see more pictures of the baby. Hope your feeling good.

Kimberly said...

This is so EXCITING! It's like being right there with you through it! CONGRATULATIONS TOO!!!! YAY! xoxo
Love YOU!