Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Day Away

So this past Friday my sweetie took me away for one night. Cami got to stay with her Grammy & Papa but poor Caylee was stuck with us ;-)
Cam booked us an awesome room with a beautiful view of Lake Arrowhead. He also booked me a pedicure at the hotel spa, what a real treat for me!

The first 3 pics is the view from our room with one being a self-portrait. The last one is our sweet Butterfly takin' a snooze on the comfy bed.


carrie*postma said...

YEAH for you guys!!! are lookin fabulous...shakin that baby weight super fast, Girl!!

look at sweet Caylee.... she looks so cozy!

scrapmamma said...

Wow! That's quite the thoughtful man you have there. You're looking great!

Cath said...

Did Caylee take the one of you and Cam??

Erica said...

Happy Anniversary!!!