Wednesday, June 06, 2007

just some more pictures

Just wanted to share some more pictures..

Our Ladybug tossed her paci in the trash!!!
So of course Mama had to capture the moment.

Our Butterfly havinga conversation with Mama.


carrie*postma said...

WOW! Cami-girl!!! Auntie Coco is soooo very proud of you! Such a big girl!

Little Caylee....Auntie can't wait to have a conversation with you! kissies & huggies girls!

Anonymous said...

Cami you're such a big girl!!! Congratulations on getting rid of that paci!!

Caylee!!! I need to kiss those cheeks!!!

Erica said...

Wow Caylee looks so happy!!! Yay for cami - she really looks grown up in that picture!

Ben and Melissa James said...

You don't know who I am but I'm a friend of Cathy and I've been checking out your blog. We're trying to get rid of the paci too. How on earth did you get her to do it with a smile on her face?