Monday, November 19, 2007

major catastrophe

I can not believe it happened! I thought it would never happen to me, no, not me!
So, are you ready for the story?
OK, so Cam is gone for a few nights so for me that = SCRAP TIME BABY!
It started out great Sunday night, I completed a 2pg layout:
And Monday afternoon while both girls, yes, BOTH girls where napping I got to work on another 2pg layout:

Sure it looks fine now, but this is where the catastrophe took place. Picture this with me, I'm enjoying a nice quiet afternoon, scrapping my families memories & BAM! All of a sudden, I RUN OUT OF ADHESIVE!!! (all fellow scrappers, insert gasp here) Now the above layout was about 80% complete, too close to being finished to just walk away from, so what do you do?
Option A: wake up both sleeping girls, put them in the van & drive to the closest scrap store (knowing of course, that when you return home with your purchase that there is no way your beautiful girls will let you scrap, even for the 10 minutes it will take to finish your piece of artwork)
Option B: get totally frustrated that you can't do something for yourself, just this once! Then proceed to wine, complain & munch on all the junk food you can find in the house.
Option C: take a deep breath, realize that your husband is stopping in for dinner & you can make a quick run to that scrap store while he's home (& just maybe pick up some special yummy treat for yourself, like frozen yogurt!)

Wondering which option I chose? Here's a hint:

Yes, I chose Option C. And something I thought was really cool (& worthy of scoring points) what when I told Cam what happened, he didn't laugh at me he asked "Why didn't you ask me to stop by the scrap store on my way home from practice?" aahhhh, isn't he the bestest? Yeah, I think so too.


cath said...

Option D-- Call the local scrap store and ask for delivery!! So what if it costs $30 extra!! Then ask if they will pick up the frozen yogurt for you too!

Mom said...

Ooooooooooo, I think Cath is onto something! Someone could rake in the bucks if they'd 'Home Deliver" Scrapbooking materials to Mom's so they wouldn't have to wake the kids, etc! Um...& a Venti Chai on the side? Heaven on Earth!