Sunday, January 20, 2008

a few pieces of my own creations

First off I want to give a big "THANK YOU" to my loving family and friends who always post a comment or respond when I email everyone to let you know I have updated my BLOG. I am always so touched by hearing what you think of what I have shared. With that, I am also excited, humbled, and thankful for those that have expressed how much you enjoy when I share my "talent" in scrapbooking. So, I wanted to share just a few of my latest creations. You'll see that I don't really scrap in chronological order, I work on what inspires me. Thanks for looking, I am blessed to have such wonderful and supportive friends and family!

"A Very Merry Christmas @ the Duhm's" Dec06
"Goody Goody Gumdrops" Dec06
"You Stinker" Oct06
"Skinny Dipping" Apr07
"Stitches" Mar07
"Flower?" Nov07

Now let's give credit where credit is due, all of the above layouts were created using various kits by an awesome online monthly kit club. As most of you know I have the honor and privilege of being a part of their Design Team for more then two years.


Laura said...

How beautiful!! I truly admire you girls who have this talent. Most of my pics are still in photo boxes. Poor Cami!!! I didn't know she got stitches. Oh the joys of parenting :)

Erica said...

Great Job Jess! Glad to see you scrapping! I love the stitches one and skinny dipping :) They are all so cute!

EmmaJ said...

Great pages! I also love the pictures of Caylee, she is so cute!

carrie*postma said...

those are all fantastic!!! I'm glad you shared!

Mom said...

Haven't seen some of those layouts! I'll say it again, since I haven't said it for have come SO far from the first time you shared your love of scrapbooking! It just gets better & better!

JoyNJesus said...

great job jess! Way to scrappy scrap.
Also love the pics of Caylee