Thursday, January 10, 2008

hey, what's the deal?

time...who stole it?

I have been needing to find my missing hours so bad, it's getting nearly impossible to fully function on the hours I have been given to accomplish my days tasks...

So that didn't sound nearly as cute & clever as it did at 5am this morning when our Ladybug came in needing some early snuggles. It seems when I wake during the night, no matter the time, or how tired I am, I always stay awake for at least a half hour after...argh, frustrating when I am so tired. Hope my 2nd trimester energy boost strikes soon!

I'm not even going to try & give you all my long list of excuses for not blogging, you know, I have 2 very busy girls, enough said. Here is a quick update, for those that are wondering about us all.

Cam ~ Back at school & busy as ever! Getting ready for their D.C. & NYC trip next month & getting the schedule ready for football season.

Cami ~ Runs circles around me constantly, I can never seem to keep up with her. She is loving the new kitchen she got for Christmas (thank you Josh, Uncle Greg, & Aunt Alice) & playing her new computer game.

Caylee ~ Showing us her own personality, teething, again, & crawling as fast as she can to try & keep up with her sister.

Baby Boo ~ Still waiting for Mama & Daddy to come up with a nick-name, any suggestions? Looking forward to his/her next doctor appointment next week.

Mama ~ too busy to upload & edit photos to share, sorry!

Love you all.

p.s. for all my blogging family & friends, although I have read your blogs, I have not commented, sorry! but know I always love looking to see what you have to share.


:corinne: said...

Wow you sound very busy! Stay strong my friend! :) {{Huggs}} to you!

Laura said...

We all understand this busyness. I hope your energy level spikes soon. Thanks for the update! May the blessings continue to flow!

Mom said...

For those first few months I would have said a name for baby would have been "Chucky"--like in "Up Chucky"! Now I'm not sure 'cuz you are doing a bit better. Um...will get back to ya on that one! Excited to hear news of your next visit to the Dr. Luvya!

Anonymous said...

I understand about being up - when i was pregnant I hardly slept and now that I had the baby it's getting a little better but I'm still up and just like you when I wake at night I can't go back to sleep for like a half hour to 45 min.