Friday, March 07, 2008

20 weeks & golfing

Here we are, Boo & Mama @ 20 weeks along. I can not believe I am halfway there, already. It still shocks me when I catch myself saying, oh last year when I was pregnant...yikes. Never, never did I think I would ever have children so close together. I am super thankful to my awesome Sis Cathy who has been a huge help with the adjustment I am already trying to make. A mom of 3, three, T H R E E!!! Really? Me? Ok, Lord, we're in this thing together! And my wonderful hubby has been so gracious with the many moods & cravings of this pregnancy. Needless to say, we had breakfast for dinner the other night because I simply could not think of anything that sounded good enough to make & then have to eat it too. Oh the things we can get away with when we're pregnant ;-)

So after Cam & I had so much time apart I felt it was time for us to have a date. Yup, a real, one-on-one date. It was awesome. We decided to try a new restaurant, which we both really liked & will be visiting again & then headed over for a round of miniature golf. We had a blast playing & laughing. I love that after almost 5 years of being married & nearly 3 kids later, we still totally enjoy each other & can make one another laugh. What a blessing to be married to my best friend.

And if you haven't noticed on my top ticker, our Ultrasound is tomorrow!!!!!!


Leah said...

Glad you guys had such a great time out together!
20 WEEKS!!!! You look fabulous!!!
I'm excited for you guys to find out tomorrow!!!!

Addie said...

You look great Jess! Can't wait to hear what you find out!

JoyNJesus said...

glad you guys got out for some fun! Two hole in one's Jess! That is amazing! You look great and I can't WAIT to hear the news, even though your making all us wait! I am excited for you! Tomorrow... Tomorrow... boo's name, might change... tomorrow :) Love ya

Mom S said...

Luv your look cute pregnant!
And, breakfast for dinner...the BEST!!

The Harrison's said...

I just wanted to say that you look incredible. Love ya.