Tuesday, June 03, 2008

32 weeks, I think...

So, most people who ask how far along I am usually say something like, "that's it, I'm sure you'll deliver early", or "wow, you're probably gonna have a big boy", but my favorite "you look a lot bigger then that"! Um, OK, thanks! Now if that's not fun enough to hear from the general public, a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak with a Doula & she thought I was 4 weeks farther along then I was...yikes! Now I know I seem to have carried each pregnancy bigger then the "norm" out there, but this time, this is just getting a little much for my sensitive self to take. All this to lead into the following conversation I had with my mid-wife yesterday, at my 32 week check-up.

Me: "A lot of people, including a Doula have commented that I look farther along then I am."
Her: "Well Jessica, if I didn't have your chart in my hand I'd say you look 36 weeks pregnant, not 32."
Me: jaw drop..."Oh, OK, well I guess if even you think I look further along & I haven't gained too much weight, it's just me."
Her: "Let's go ahead & measure your little guy".
Me: "Great, I've been praying he's moved so he's head-down like he needs to be."
Her: "Oh yeah, he's head down."
Me: "Praise the Lord! My family is gonna be happy to hear that too."
Her: "But, he does seem to be a big boy for only 32 weeks..."
Me: "Um, OK..."
Her: "Jessica, it's possible he either just had a very big growth spurt, or he's gonna be hear much sooner then July 26th."
Me: "So you think I may be further along then 32 weeks?"
Her: "Yes, I'd definitely say so. But let's leave your due date as is but I'm gonna have you re-checked in a few weeks. In the mean time I'm gonna go ahead and suggest you get things together, just in case your little, or big guy decides he prefers early July."
Me: again, jaw drop...
Her: "Keep in mind it is possible he just is on the larger side now but will measure back to your due date at the next apt., but only the Lord knows." She said this with a huge smile on her face. "Now if your guy does keep growing at this rate & he decides to wait until late July, you may be begging me for a C-Section instead of going natural."
At this point my mind is swirling, I'm cleaning up smashed peanut butter crackers off the floor that Caylee is trying to eat & putting all the books back that Cami was "reading".

I'm back at the nurses desk to make my next apt & my mid-wife (Jennifer) comes out to be sure her new nurse is getting it done. When the nurse mentions that she has no openings for me to see Jennifer my mid-wife steps in and insists I see only her, even if it's on her lunch break. (This lady is such a blessing, she's a wonderful person & a Christian too. She understands my strong desire to go natural where as most would prefer to give me another c-section.) I'm so thankful she was insistent. Because if we find out I am much further along, or this baby is on the larger side, any other doctor or mid-wife would be scheduling that c-section, like it or not.

(This post is much longer then I expected it to be, thanks for reading.)

Now that you have read so much I thought it would be fun to share a few pics with you. All pics where taken when I was 32 weeks along with each baby.


Mom S said...

Those pics are just too fun to see...scrap that!!
Yes, he's a big boy, but hey...he's a B-O-Y!...makes sense to me.
Hang in there Boo (& Mommy) ...God's timing is so perfect!

The Harrison's said...

DANG!!! The belly says it all. Oh, my goodness. Good thing that you have all these pictures to use for reference. Yeah, I think he will be coming soon; but not when I am in Mammoth!!!

Anyways, you look SO GOOD, Jess. You are beautiful.

Erica said...

I can totally relate!!! Maybe he wants out earlier! I can't believe you are this far along girly. You look great!

Leah said...

Jess you look BEAUTIFUL!

Megan said...

Well, I think you look great! The belly IS pretty impressive...especially when you compare your other 32 week pics. Boo will be here before you know it!

carrie*postma said...

You are one GORGEOUS MAMA! I bet you are further along but, you were so sure that the date was right...did they MAKE sure there isn't another lil guy in there (ducking from you punching at the screen).

Addie said...

You look great! I'm anxious to see how soon he decides to make his grand entrance! And I'm with Carrie, have you checked to see if there are 2 in there? hehe

Karen said...

First off I want to say YOU LOOK GREAT!!! Don't let what anyone says bring you down about yourself, you are a BEAUTIFUL Pregnant woman!!! That said, yes your belly is different than your last 2 pregnancies but they say that happens so it's ok. He's probably just growing fast because he can't wait to get out and meet his wonderful sisters and awesome parents! Stay close to home just in case!! Good Luck, hope it goes well and can't wait to see pictures of him!!!
PS I always seem to be picking up books that Holly is 'reading' too! LOL

MamaHoneybee said...

Jess, You look beautiful, and might I say awesome in green. In reg. to the size thing, I guess that's what you get with a boy. Hee hee. My girlfriend had a baby 9.6 and did it naturally, so if it's what God planned, for you'll be fine too. I hope you get an Freedom baby !

Mary said...

Look how dark you hair was back in the day. Looks like you got a little bigger with each baby. Hang in there! He'll be out before you know it

Norma Kennedy said...

Look how CUTE u are - I wanted to swing by and congratulate u for ur Paper Trunk spotlight. Beautiful layout !


JoyNJesus said...

Jess, i just saw this! How great! Thank you Lord that he has turned! God is good! We will keep praying!
Jeniffer is such a blessing!

Laura said...

You look great!!