Tuesday, July 01, 2008

36 week update

Here I am, all 49" of me!  Amazing, isn't it?  The scary part, I was only 47" when I delivered Caylee at 38 weeks.  (And for those that watch Jon & Kate Plus 8, Kate was 52" when she delivered her sextuplets...)  My thoughts, be afraid, be very afraid!  LOL  I've gotta laugh because so many people, now on a daily basis, asking "when are you due" or "you must be having twins"  "or you have got to be due any minute now".  If I don't laugh, I'll cry!  Anywho, that's not what you want to know about.  Here is a small idea of how my check-up went yesterday...
To start, I was there for a good hour and a half, normally it takes all of 20 minutes.  Thankfully Cam came & was the snack keeper for the girls.  But I didn't pack nearly enough crackers & water for such a long visit.  Who knew!  Ok, seriously now.  For those that are done reading, a quick summary of the apt, this is a big boy for his "age" & the two doctors I saw could not settle on how big he's measuring...yikes!

The first mid-wife came in, did her normal thing & when she measured my belly she said, oh we're looking at 39 weeks.  Say what?  I'm suppose to only be 36....The second mid-wife comes in, I'm 39 weeks, no wait, he's moving around, 38 weeks, or, I'm not so sure how big this boy is measuring...After the two discussed for some time the movement of the baby, the "age" our Boo is suppose to be versus the "age" he is measuring they decided, I NEED ANOTHER ULTRASOUND!  They want a technician to do a better guess at the size/weight of our Boo.  Sounds good to me, so far.  The part that I didn't enjoy was the next discussion, a possible C-Section.  Now anyone who was around when I received the devastating news of needing a C for Cami, I'm almost as upset this time.  The only reason the mid-wife brought this up is if this baby is so big it may be in our (his & mine) best interest to have another C.  But, before I schedule a date for this I'm waiting for my ultrasound.  I am praying for God's will in this situation.  Please join me.  I should know by tomorrow when my ultrasound is scheduled for (they say between now & the 14th).  I'll update again with the apt info.
Sorry this post isn't better written but it's all news I didn't expect to receive yesterday.  Oh and for those mama's out there wanting to know the gritty details, I'm not dialated & still at a -3 station. bummer!
(please excuse the un-edited photo, Cam bought me an awesome new photo editing program & I have yet to read the book...)

**update**my ultrasound is scheduled for this Thursday, July 3rd @ 5:30pm


Amy said...

I will pray for a healthy and happy finish! I will also send you some v delivery vibes.

cathy said...

OK!!!! Call me at 6:00pm ( I knoow they only last 30 minutes!!! (hee-hee)

cathy said...

If you just take the 76 Gas station ball out of your shirt would be much more comfortable!!

JoyNJesus said...

Jess, your in our prayers. God is able and He knows what is best! Rest in Him. Your His daughter and He wants what is best for you!

At least you have something to keep your mind busy (new photo soft...what did you get?) Fun! Enjoy and know your being prayed for..