Monday, November 17, 2008

Caylee June

Our little Butterfly is definitely developing her own, strong personality.  Here are a few pictures to help capture just a couple of the many moods, and new faces that are quickly becoming part of every day around here.

Caylee climbing into Caleb's crib, she likes to play with the mobile.  Can't blame her, she loved it when this was her bed too.  Also, this week she discovered she could climb in & out of her pack'n play.  Good times at nap & bed time now...all you moms know what I mean.
Mama practicing the technique developed by Auntie Coco, "Hair Art"
Caylee has learned to say "cheeeeese" when the camera comes out.
"Show me your funny face"
And now she's mad because Mama took the camera away...she'll back up until she falls on her bottom then makes an unforgettable "I'm really not happy with you right now Mama" face.  Hope to catch in on camera soon.

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Lynette said...

So precious...beautiful pics.