Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Oregon Trip - 1st story

We got to spend almost two weeks in Oregon with the Postma family, & loved it!  I have a ton of pictures & some pretty good stories to share.  I'll try & post something new every few days.  I hope you enjoy the adventures with me...

What is your worst fear when flying with your kids?  Not the plane going down or anything crazy like that, but I mean like what would your kid(s) have to do to make you not want to fly with them until they are teenagers?  Think about it...OK, are you ready for this?

On Thursday, December 25th we got to spend 3+ hours at the Ontario airport waiting for our flight to depart for Portland.  We knew it had been delayed a bit before leaving for the airport, but once we got there we learned it had been delayed a lot longer...oh well.  The kids all did great.  Fortunately the airport was practically empty so the girls had a "pic-nic" lunch & then ran around for a while.  We boarded our flight & were on our way.  The flight was good, the kids all did GREAT!  Almost too good to be true...

**WARNING: If you have weak stomach, stop reading now...**

Fast forward to Monday, January 5th, our date of departure.  It started out great, the flight was scheduled to leave on time, dropping off our rental car was super easy & we got right to the airport and checked in without a glich...after feeding Caleb I realize he has a very nice odor coming from his back-side.  Once in the restroom I realize his diaper wasn't attached so poop is nearly upto his armpits & yes, his clothes have poop on them too...fortunately  I have the every spare outfit in the diaper bag, the problem?  It's too small, no big surprise, but we make it work.  
The first two hours of the flight go smooth enough.  Other then Caylee being so tired & therefore a bit fussy, it's good.  (To help the visual of the situation, Cami has a seat next to Cam with Caylee in his lap & I am across the aisle with Caleb in my lap.  God bless the sweet teenager sitting next to me, she smiled & made cute faces at him whenever he started to fuss.)
We have maybe 40 minutes left in our flight and Cami announces she has to potty.  Not a surprise considering she had a chocolate milk before we took off & two cups of cranberry juice since take-off.  So, we sit Caylee in a seat by herself & Cam walk a few seats back to the only bathroom on our small plane.  It's fun holding a big 5 month old & keeping my "free" hand stretched across the aisle to keep a fiesty 21 month old in daddy's seat.
Anywho, the flight is coming to an end (praise the Lord!), the seat belt sign is on, the flight attendants are strapped in too, we are descending & Cami says, in a VERY URGENT manner, "I gotta pee, I gotta pee".  Oh, great.  Cam starts singing to her & trying to her to join in (keep her mind off the impending explosion of her bladder), no dice.  She continues to loudly exclaim her need to potty.   Caylee joins in on the upsetness & is not easily soothed.  Now Caleb isn't the happiest, but not joining in on the complaining.  Cam & I decide to trade, he takes Caleb & I take Caylee.  Not two seconds, seriously, after I have Caylee in my arms she shared the cranberry juice & cheese crackers she snacked on a few hours prior...yes my friends, she puked, barfed, heaved, regurgitated, etc, etc,  all over mama!  
Oh, my, goodness...picture this, Cami is on my far left crying out she needs to potty (now accompanied by panicky crying), Cam is trying to keep her calm while holding a very wide-eyed Caleb.  Across the aisle I am covered, literally in pink & orange vomit & holding a crying Caylee.  (Who, by the way, won't snuggle onto me because I have stinky icky's all over the front of me...)
We finally land & yell out to the flight attendant we have potty emergency.  She gives Cam the thumbs up & we sent Cami back to the potty.
We pull in & let everyone else off the plane, the gentleman that was "hit" by our "flying debree" was gracious enough to not even care & even says, hey, it happens with kids.  God bless him!

This story isn't over, but, I have been trying to finish this post for a week now...gonna hit publish & give you more later.


Carrie Postma said...

please finish this story....

Mom S said...

You didn't tell me about the "I gotta Pee part". I wish you had it all on camera--a real $10000 winner!

JoyNJesus said...

Yum! Got to love crazy times! Way to hang in there!