Monday, April 27, 2009

Imagination Band

I just had to pick up our camera & capture the kids playing their instruments along with one of their favorite "friends", Boz the big green bear.  (The kids love to watch his videos.)
It does go on a bit long, sorry for you, but not for me ;-)

And because our Buba Boo Bear is just too cute not to add this...

He has become quite the chatterbox!


Carrie Postma said...

is this your "gettem ready for bed" routine? I can see the genius in this...NO! KEEP DANCING UNTIL YOU CAN'T KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!

You should send this to Boz, I bet he'd enjoy it ;-)

Lynette said...

How cute...don't you just love your little one's unique language?

megan said...

So cute! I love Caylee's dancing. It's too precious! I wish that we lived closer so that Caleb and Camryn could get together and "talk".

MiMi said...

BOZ would be so proud!
Send it to him!!

:corinne: said...

Okay totally cute. I love Caylee just moovin and groovin with her tamberine. Cute videos.