Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mama got some New Kicks!

Pretty spiffy, right?  I think so!  Those my friends, are my official, "I don't care how crazy you think this mother of 3 is, I'm running a half marathon!" shoes.  Yeah, I crack myself up.
So, last Saturday as part of my TNT time, we went to the Running Center.  We learned all about the importance of wearing the right shoes, socks, clothes, using something called BodyGlide, & even some interesting looking stuff called Energy Gel.
It was really cool, at the store they have a short path that you run down.  They watch to see how you "step" & then determine what types of shoes would work best for you.  I tried on nine different shoes & ran the path each time.  I felt pretty special, I don't believe I have ever tried that many pairs of shoes on, for any reason!
A new term I am quickly understanding is "cotton is rotten", this is just in regards to running/working out of course.  But, they really stress how bad it is to wear cotton while training.  Why?  You sweat, chaff & get blisters a lot more with cotton.  (I realize you may already know this, but this Mama is excited about learning all these new facts.)

As for today, our team met @ 6:25am and after a team building exercise, a pep talk, & some training we were off & running!  We went 2 miles today & you know what, I felt great when we were done.  Our coaches are teaching us the Jeff Galloway method for marathon training, it's gonna be awesome!

OK, back to being a full time Mama.  The kids need snacks, hugs, diaper changes, and I need a shower!

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Carrie Postma said...

okay, who knew running is a science?
very cool!

Lindsey said...

cute shoes!! I am so excited for you! I hope to someday get to the point where I look forward to running and enjoy it...I'm not quite there yet! ha ha

:corinne: said...

Love the new kicks! So excited for you. Wish I could be there running with you...I soooo miss it! Can't wait to see you progress.

Jen randall said...

Congratulations! That is awesome! Keep up the good work

EmmaJ said...

That's great Jess! Good luck with all your training and your new shoes.

cathy said...

How are the new kicks treating you?? Do they have a little more color to them than bright "new" white now??