Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Yes, I do realize it's been over a month since I last posted anything on this poor BLOG, my apologies to my family & friends who have been waiting ever so patiently.

I have thought nearly every day of wanting to sit and post something, pictures, thoughts, praise reports, prayer requests, etc. But, I have instead taken the time to pray about how I spend my time. At this point, with all the Lord has brought into my life, I will
concentrate on all things "non internet". I do
want to let any of you interested, know that I do post pictures & very short, quick musings o
n Facebook. (For me, at this point in life, it is much quicker & easier to use Facebook for photos & scrapbook layouts too.) If you haven't already, please request me as a friend. I would be blessed to get to know you more.

For a few that may be curious, here are just some of the things that I am happy to say now occupy my time;

  • Being a Mama to a 5 year old, full time, Kindergardener & helping out with classroom stuff. I love being involved!
  • Working with said 5 year old, learning to read & write, it's awesome to watch her read a book!
  • Getting involved with Cami in a program I grew up in, Missionettes.
  • Keeping up with the my ever busy 2 1/2 & 15 month old cuties...need I really say more? I will...
  • Caylee is now potty trained, it went so easy, praise the Lord! She is quite the little chatter box & is doing great learning all colors, shapes, letters & counting.
  • Working with both Caylee & Caleb learning ASL.
  • Becoming involved in a Mom's Group, MomSpace (God has given me some wonderful new friends through this group.)
  • Diving into my Father's Word with some great ladies every week @ CBS.
  • Of course the training & running of my first half marathon (side note: I actually trained for a FULL marathon, which made running the half a breeze!)
  • Still loving to get to contribute as part of the Design Team for a great monthly kit club, PersonalScrapper. Which means I have to scrap at least a few times a month, great excuse!
  • And the most important "stuff" keeping me busy, keeping my Father in first place, and my family right there by my side.
  • There is always more, but I'm done trying to bore, or impress you :-)

So, for now, I won't promise any pictures posted here soon. But I would like to share just a handful of pics taken during the month of October. I hope you enjoy them.


AmyInKy said...

Love all the pictures! Your kids have really grown, but especially Caleb. He's the cutest Superman I've ever seen!

Melanie said...

Love your words, Jess. It's amazing how we can get "side-tracked" from the really important things in life.

Your pictures are fun to see. Caleb is getting so big! Thanks for sharing!