Sunday, January 16, 2011

#16 of 365

Starbucks strikes again!

That's not really my blessing for today, but thought it sounded kinda, sorta funny. Well, it did in my head anyway...again, my sense of humor when I'm tired...

This morning my Soul Sister & I ran a short 5.3 miles. (Short because, well, you'll see. Just stay tuned until June.) My Soul Sister, she is someone that deserves several posts about. God sent her to me (& I to her, that's what she said) when I started training for my first full marathon last year. Since our first 'long run' of 8 miles, we have been stuck together at the hip, shoe, gatorade (fruit punch berry to be exact), gu, glide, water belt & tears! She bought us matching headbands that say 'Running... cheaper than therapy'. So true! Today was no exception. The calories burned are just a bonus to the valuable conversations we have and stress we burn during our runs/time together. Thanks Nikki, you ROCK 'n roll!!
Wait, I forgot to tie in Starbucks here...we end our long runs at (pretty much) the same Starbucks every Saturday. Miss Nikki pulled out her handy gift card (very easy to cary in the case with the cell phone) and treated me to a yummy herbal tea. Saved me a ton of calories by ordering this, instead of this...

This was fun, I wanted to see how many links I could include in this one post...Amazon is amazing!

***Shameless plug alert***
I'm trying to get $130 together by January 31st so I can register for my next marathon.
Any suggestions? I'll be putting some unneeded baby items on Craigslist, that should (prayerfully) be a good start. I'm open to ideas! Thank you!

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Do you eBay?