Tuesday, February 22, 2011

lift your head & say a prayer

#31 of 365
Have I shared at all how much I am so blessed to work where I work?
Well, I am! And I could go on and on why I feel this way.
The people, the families, the kids, the hugs, the smiles, all the sharing of so many things!
But for tonight, as I was packing up to come home I could hear my Master Instructor closing out the Adult class. As always, he was closing in prayer. But tonight was different, I could hear the seriousness in his voice. I stopped to listen, I stopped to join in prayer, I stopped.
Our Master Instructor (aka, my boss) asked if anyone wanted to ask Christ to live in their hearts. I work for a ministry, AWESOME! I get to share the love of the One who saved me, and loves me for me!
Oh, and 4 of our students gave their hearts to Christ tonight! Pray for each of them, may they change the world for Christ! Starting in their own homes!!
Here is where I work...ATP Training Academy & here, is the ministry I am blessed to be a part of, All Things Possible Ministries. (And I have been working to get our new websites up and going, fingers crossed I'll be able to share some pretty cool looking new sites!)

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