Monday, April 25, 2011

she can read & she will sing

#44 - The kids get to join us for our Easter Service every year. It was cold and misting so my kiddos snuggled up close, makes my heart melt. As worship was going Cami discovered the words to the songs in the bulletin, she pointed out to me what song they where singing. Then she started sing, right along with the worship team, right out loud, happy to be a part of it!

#45 - Still at church but more then worth a separate #...
When worship was done, Cami leaned into me and started to cry. I was so confused, couldn't figure out what was wrong. Finally I got her to tell me, "It's just so beautiful, we're all sitting outside & singing worship to Jesus. It's pretty and it makes me cry, I don't know why."
Needless to say, I was beyond touched!

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