Friday, April 22, 2011

too long

My life is not without blessing, I'm simply short on time.
It's a good thing. Part of being a better me, is spending less time on my computer.

#37 - Making some new friends. Through work, I'm able to be more open and talk with moms of students. Which leads to...
#38 - Finding another % of self-confidence. It's in me, I know it & I'm finding a bit here and there.
#39 - The unbelievable support of so many in my strive to raise funds for Leukemia Lymphoma Society.
#40 - Using the knowledge I received from having gestational diabetes with Caylee June to better my families overall healthy eating lifestyle.
#41 - My wonderful husband who will not let the little things go. He knows me, he knows when I'm upset/frustrated/etc & will work with me to figure it out, deal with it & move on.
#42 - (This will most likely sound super silly to you.) The sound on my phone inexplicably came back! Weird, right? The sound on my phone just went away a few months ago. Seriously, it would not make a single sound. I would constantly have to check it to see if I missed a call or text. But, one day is just started working again! Mind you, I did take it to the Apple store & it even stumped their Genius Bar Tech! Oh well, now I can hear when you call or text me ;-)

So, thanks for checking on me! I promise, I'm doin' all right :-)

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Anonymous said...

You're so cute and your matter how long or short! Blessings, my friend! -Amy