Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This is sooo awesome, here is the ultrasound pic of our "Squirt". Our due date is April 3rd, & this is my Mom's (aka Buba) birthday! Now I know it is very rare to actually have your baby on your due date, but it's worth wishing, hoping & even praying for. It would just be even that much more special to have our baby on my Mom's birthday, don't ya think? Ok, anyway...the ultrasound was super quick because I'm only 12 weeks and they really just did it to be sure of my due date. But as soon as that little baby came up on the screen & we saw his heartbeat, wow, I totally started to cry. Poor Cami was worried about why I was crying, such a sweetie. Anyway, so far all looks GREAT. Cam & I are super excited and feel so blessed that the Lord is giving us another child. Our next ultrasound (the long detailed one) is suppose to be early November. So, what do you think, should we find out what we are having???
Love you all & so glad I could share Squirt's first pic with you.


Leah said...

That's so cool that the due date is your Mom's b-day!!! (Emma's due date was my sisters b-day) Should you find out what you are having...hmmmm....let me!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) love the 4 of ya!!

carrie*postma said...

Look at little Squirt! How sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Maybe the baby will be born on 4/4 like Ezra - hehe! I would love to see you FIND OUT!!! It is so fun to know!!! Take Care!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! He really does look like a baby. How precious!

Karen W said...

What a great picture you got!!!!! I'm SO EXCITED for you!!! Yes you should find out what you are having!!!! Are you feeling any better yet?? I sure hope so. OH I am SO excited for you!!!! Can you tell??? LOL

Corinne said...

**Totally find out girlie! It was hard enuff not knowing what Cami was... it practically killed me. lol That would be neat to have the lil squirt on Sabrina's birthday. I'm sure she'd love it. I'm so excited for you both.

TREE said...

ok so i am the only one, but i say DONT FIND OUT!!!!! there are so few surprises in life and how much fun is it to go into the hospital and when the doc pulls out the kid and there is silence.... then.... it's a ............ it's the most exciting time ever!!! otherwise, the whole labor and delievry is so NOT fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am so happy for you and cam!!
God bless!!!