Monday, September 18, 2006

M&M's 'n more

I had to share these pics of Cami eating her first M&M's, she just loved them!

Not much else going on, just trying to deal with the continued morning sickness. It seems to be getting a bit better, either that or I am handling it better!? I am so excited, on Wednesday we are going in for our first UltraSound! I can't wait to share that pic & to see what my definate expected due date is. I should be posting a copy of the pic of our little "Squirt" by Thursday for sure.


Karen W said...

How CUTE!! I love the silly smile in the second page. Holly just tried an M&M this week too and LOVED it. Can't wait to see the picture of your little exciting to go for your fist ultrasound. I really hope the morning sickness goes away very soon!!!

carrie*postma said...

MMMMMMMMMMMM&MMMMMMM! Looks tast-E Cami girl!
Can't wait to find outt he actual arrival date of little Squirt!

Leah said...

ok, that chocolate face is too cute but those pig tails!! - adorable!!! Can 't wait to see a pic of the little squirt!! Love ya!