Thursday, December 21, 2006

24 Weeks & A Football Banquet

OK, I give up! I have tried sooo many times to upload my's just not gonna happen...sorry!

So now that I am 25 weeks along, thought I'd share my 24 week belly shot with you. (BTW, some of you may notice the 7 inches I cut off my hair!) Thankfully this pregnancy is "text book" so far. My mid-wife says the baby is still head-down & we are looking at a VBAC, yeah! Squirt is very active & I love it. He/she is starting to respond when Cami is laughing loud or Cam is speaking to me, what an awesome feeling. My ribs are starting to really hurt so I know I am continuing to expand to accommodate Squirt. Cami is starting to ask for "her baby", meaning little Squirt. She holds, feeds & puts to sleep her little babydoll. We are very excited to get into our new home and decorate Squirt's room.

Last Saturday was the Football Banquet for our Varsity guys. Ofcourse Cami and I planned to attend to support Cam. Well Friday night Cam stayed up with Cami until 12:30am then I took over. It was obvious she had an ear ache. I attempted to help Cami sleep until 7:30am (I got maybe 4 hours of sleep, total) then finally we got up to call the doctor. The closest apt available was 45 minutes away! Ok, so last time I took her in (about a week & a half ago) she screamed bloody murder when the doc tried to look in her ear, so the doc said "she's fine, no ear infection, just lots of pressure from her cold" ! What? Fine...So Cam said he would go with us to help hold Cami down for this next doctor...And I am thankful he was there. She did it again, but this doctor had other solutions to help hold her down & get into her ear. Yes, she has an ear infection, a bed one! So, after getting the standard medicine we headed straight for the banquet, it was suppose to start in 35 minutes! All this to say that Cami fell asleep on our way to the banquet so I sat in the car with her til she woke up. Her & I headed into the banquet that was already in full swing & found seats in the back. My poor girl looked like a ragdoll & just wanted to be held. But 1.5 hours into sitting still, she gave up & started to want to run around! Yikes, how do you keep a 2.5 year old busy, but quiet in a gym full of parents & football players? You take her picture & let her play with your camera...After all, if it breaks, you can always wish for a new one for Christmas right? Well it's bruised but it didn't break. The picture of Cami is one of several I took, enjoy!

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carrie*postma said...

i so want to see those pictures! silly blogger, tricks are for kids!