Wednesday, February 28, 2007

her first STITCHES!

"I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always e on my lips."
Pslam 34:1

Yikes, I can't believe I'm actually writting about my little girl getting stitches...

Monday night Cami fell & literally split her forehead open. Thankfully Cam was home & helped keep both Cami & I from totally loosing it. After he cleaned Cami up the best he could we could tell she needed stitches. So we spent the evening in the ER. Thankfully the Lord moved us 3 minutes from the closest ER & the receptionist who checked us in took our paperwork straight to a nurse.

It still took a while, but finally our girl had to be strapped down & held by 3 people, including Cam! They sent me out of the room before they wrapped her up & tried to hold her still. There was a very nice lady in the hallway who has a grandaughter Cami's age & just kept talking to me & trying to distract me from listening to Cami scream. All in all they had to give her 5 shots, right into the open wound & 4 stitches to close it up. The docotor himself told us he didn't want to do it because he had a little girl at home & it was already breaking his heart to see Cami so upset, confused and scared.

My prayer request is that Cami isn't too traumatized by the whole ordeal at the ER. That is the one thing both the nurse & doctor told us usually happens. They say most kids who have to go through stitches, especially in the face area will get very upset for a while when you try & put them anywhere near someone in a white coat. Not a good thing when we have weekly doctor visits coming up for me, a hospital visit & ofcourse taking Cami back to get her stitches out!

Thankfully we are all doing fine, especially Cami. She is such a tough little girl & we know it will not be the last trip to the ER for her.


Anonymous said...

I know how scary it can be Jess. I'll be praying for little Cami!

Karen said...

OH Jessica I'm so sorry to hear what happened to Cami. I can only imagine how hard that was for the 3 of you. I really hope that she is ok and doesn't have any setbacks from this. She is a brave girl and we are all sending her hugs! Keep us posted on how she is doing.

Kimberly said...

Awwww...poor little babe! That is so hard. I had the same thing with Foster about the same age...and I think because he is a boy, he thought the whole entire experience was totally COOL! I will be praying for her to not be too traumatized and to see how brave she is. (((hugs))) to you! xoxoxo Loves,

scrapmamma said...

Sorry to hear about Cami. We've had two that have had to have stitches and both of them bounced back pretty quick. It's so much harder on the parents than the kids.

*corinne* said...

**Oh No fluffy!! Stitches? Wowzers, I'm thinking this is not going to be the last ;) She's such a mover and groover. She is tough! Praying for you and Cami. Hopefully her scar will heal up quickly!

carrie*postma said...

Poor Cami Girl! I'm glad to hear everyone is doing okay now...that can be scary. I am afraid you are right that this won't be her last trip to the ER! Her Daddy can certainly relate ;-) I still remember most of Cameron's scar stories LOL!!!

Brianna said...

Ahhh....I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure she will be fine. She's a tough little girl. I had stiches on the corner of my eye when I was about her age. I was fine and I'm sure she will be too! Lots of love to you all!

Mama Hen said...

Jess, I'm not trying to lighten the subject but the 1st picture of Cami looks like she has a gangster dew rag on her head, yo! Do you think the Lord is preparing you for a boy?