Monday, March 12, 2007

feeling "normal"

Can I just share, I had a great weekend. Nothing fantastic or out of the ordinary happened, but it was just a blessed time all-in-all.

Friday ~ Cam, Cami & I got to go out to dinner with my FIL & a good couple friend of ours (it's cool because she is pregnant & due less then a week after me.) My FIL spent the night & I know Cami loved having him here when she got up Saturday morning.

Saturday ~ Rise & shine to a beautiful warm, sunny day. Cam, Cami & I took advantage of the warm weather and the clear day on our calender & took off for SeaWorld. (Before we hit the freeway for our one hour drive Cam stopped by Starbucks & got me a very yummy sugar-free frap. Yeah, he spoils me.) On our drive down Cam & I had great opportunity to just chat & catch up on each other. Not sure if this will make much sense, but for the first time in a loooong time, I felt "normal". Not big pregnant, mommy I need you, pick-up the mess, go potty every 5 minutes feeling. It was a blessing to just sit, sip on my cold drink & chat with my hubby. We even discussed going away in June for our next anniversary! (Of course Squirt would go with us, but our sweet girl would stay with Grammy & Papa.)

Saturday Night ~ My SIL & BIL came down to spend the night with us. As soon as Cami went to bed Corinne & I busted out all our scrap stuff & went to town. Sooo much fun! I completed two pages of Cami & have framed them for our living room. Needless to say I stayed up much later than my normal 10pm. But I had a great time with our company.

Sunday ~ With Cami still having a cough & icky nose we had to pass on church. So after a yummy breakfast Cam & Chris got to work on the infamous "honey please do" list. (The guys got so much done I love looking around our house & seeing much more stuff done & settled, that much more ready for Squirt's arrival.) And you guessed it, Corinne & I got back to scrappin! I completed two more pages, WOW!
This LO was created with the February kit by

So, like I said, it was an awesome weekend. Thank you to Chris for helping out Cam with our screen door & Corinne for keeping my scrap mojo going. Cam & I loved having you guys down.

Finally ~ Today I am 37 weeks along, so offically I am "term" with this pregnancy. So, everyone repeat after me "Lord, please be with Jess & the fam as they continue to wait on your perfect timing for Squirt's arrival." Hey, thanks for the prayer ;-)


*corinne* said...

**Awww luv those layouts you completed. I'm so glad we were able to come down and hang with you. Such a blessed time. Luv you! And yes... I repeated after you ;)

Addie said...

Great layouts! How was SeaWorld? Someday we WILL go there! Hope the rest of the pregnancy is a breeze and the timing is just right!

Karen said...

What beautiful pages!!! That's so awesome you got to scrap with Corinne, what fun girl time! Good luck and I hope squirt arrives soon!! Can't wait to find out all about him or her and see pics. I will be thinking of you everyday until it happens!

Kimberly said...

Lahoooove thos creations! Wow...sounds like you girls really had a total BLAST! YAY! I repeated your prayer too girly and a little more!
Love ya,

Mama Hen said...

I can't wait for squirt to come, but I'm sure not as much as you! I love your 2 LO's glad you got your scrap mojo still! Miss Ya.

carrie*postma said...

DARLING layouts Girlie! Way to squeeze a few more out before Squirt gets here!