Sunday, March 04, 2007

holy BELLY batman!

Oh my gosh, can you believe my belly? I can't! After Cam took this pic of me today I looked on the camera & could not believe how big I look. This kid has pushed my body beyond any limits I would have expected. Ofcourse I know Squirt is TOTALLY WORTH IT, there is no question. But I sure am getting anxious to meet him/her. So, I decided to measure my belly, crazy I know. But hey, you gotta enjoy each pregnancy and all that comes with it, right? Plus, if I can't laugh about this & be amazed, I'll just be depressed. No thanks!

Here's a fun game, sorta. Can you guess how big my belly is? Seriously, I won't be offended by your guess, I wanna know what EACH OF YOU thinks. So, that means you gotta leave a comment on my BLOG with your guess. Have fun. Oh & I am 36 weeks along, I have another doctor apt tomorrow.

Cami Update:

She is doing great. She is back to her old self, she climbs, jumps, & plays like she never fell & got hurt. We no longer have to keep the big bandage on her forehead. What a relief, she would hate it when we had to take it off every night.


Leah said...

I'm so glad Cami is on the mend...ok, your belly looks huge (you know I mean that in the most loving way! :)) I'm going to guess 57 inches? And for the record...I can't remember at all what I measured so if I'm way over please forgive me!!!! :)

Chels said...

ummmm... since I have never been pregnant and don't want to be any time soon... lol... i'll just stay away from the guessing =) and as far as cami goes... looking at those stitches makes me very thankful that the incident didn't happen when i was baby sitting! =) Hope all is well! ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT WAIT FOR SQUIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Karen said...

Jessica you look AWESOME!! I love the belly!!!!! Just a few more weeks and you'll be holding your baby..I bet you can't wait. So glad to see Cami is feeling better and back to her 2 year old self.

carrie*postma said...

You look BEAUTIFUL! Pregnancy is so glorious! I'm gonna guess 38"...we're talking all the way around right?

I'm so glad Cami-pooh is healing up good!