Friday, December 07, 2007

A few things I've learned

If you are at all interested in reading what a pregnant, mother of two is wanting to complain about, by all means, continue...

Here are just a few things I have learned recently;
  • just because you have been pregnant twice, doesn't mean you have experienced the WORST case of your morning sickness before number three...
  • although you never had any real cravings with the two previous pregnancies, the third one is gonna kick those cravings into HIGH gear!
  • even though your oldest is fully potty trained, she can't seem to wipe herself clean & even thought it makes you almost hurl, you have to clean her up!
  • so the pediatrician said that your youngest sweetie should stop spitting up by 9 months, because you are pregnant the spit-up (although it smells more like throw-up) will take on a new life & find a much higher frequency & odor
  • just because football season is officially over doesn't mean your husband can come right home & wait on you hand and foot (I do have to say that my man is a real trooper, he has taken care of dinner the last two nights, maybe because he wanted to be sure we all had something more than just eggs to eat?!)
  • if the trash isn't taken out every morning, I'll toss my cookies by lunch time because I've had to smell some of what was for dinner the night before (or worse, popcorn!)
Those are just a few things I can reflect upon from just this past week. So, for my loving friends & family who are wondering how this pregnancy is treating me, it's not being so nice! My sickness is having me make way to the bathroom several times a day (thankfully because I hate tossing cookies SO MUCH that most times I can talk myself out of it & breath right through it until the urge passes).

It cracks me up that with the girls I never had many specific cravings or desires, but with this one. I'm getting pretty specific on things I have to have ;-) Mint or peppermint are my biggest cravings thus far, it constantly sounds good, even when I'm up at 1am to visit the potty.

This morning my sweet Butterfly has already gone thru 3 outfits, 2 bibs, 4 pairs of socks & mama's UGG slippers because she just kept spitting up. No, wait, it's more like throw-up, really. It stinks terrible! Why do we get such a heightened sense of smell while pregnant? It really isn't for any good reason that I can figure out.

Thanks for reading...and to whomever is wanting to buy me something for Christmas, I now need a new pair of fuzzy slippers!


Laura said...

You have my complete sympathy! I soooo don't miss being pregnant. Now I have some specifics to pray for you about...I hope it all gets better soon!

*corinne* said...

Oh my goodness Girl! I hope you feel better soon. Huggs to you!!!

Kimberly said...

OMGoodness girly...I had the WORST morning sickness with my 3rd too! I feel for you hun...Love ya! xoxo. I still loved being prego though...just hated the sickies.
LOVE your blog header btw...DAWLING! :)))

Megan said...

amen, amen, amen! My pregnancy is so similar to yours...this is definitely the worst I've felt out of all three. The smell thing is the WORST! My mom actually helped me clean out old leftovers today because I knew I wouldn't make it without getting sick! I hope you get to feeling better soon. :)

carrie*postma said...

I will be buying you a bucket that hangs from your neck and matching slippers....I'm sorry you are so sick! This too shall pass. HUGGIES!

Karen said...

Oh Jessica I'm so sorry this one is kicking your butt LOL, perhaps it's a boy and that's why it's so different!! Hang in there!!

Erica said...

Hope you feel better soon! Its got to be hard with the girls being so young. I can't wait to see you!