Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All for our Baby Boo

I'm usually a sentimental/emotional person anyway, but now, being pregnant, it's ten-fold. I was super excited to share just a few of the fun things friends and family have been sending us for Boo. Of course I have to share. We have also received some very cute outfits, all sports related!
So, can you guess the theme for the room? What about the color?
OK, those questions where a joke, I'm sure everyone knows! The best addition to his room will be the quilt Auntie Cappy is currently working on. We can't wait to see it (hint, hint).


cathy said...

Not until it's all done!!!!!
You are going to have to wait!!

Coach Cam said...

I'm thinking the theme of the room will be an augmented version of the famous "Nightscape on the Italian Veranda" by Valleano. To really bring out the color in the tapestries, we will lightly splash the walls with cerulean blue with a smidge of papaya whip...WWWHHHAAATT???!!!

How about Football and Blue...That's my boy!!!!

blondegrrlie said...

I LOVE that blanket. I know exactly which one it is and it is SUPER soft!!

Uncle Chris said...

HA ha Camm....good stuff...I giggled out loud! Good stuff. be ready for spoilage for the first Stevens grand baby! oh my gosh, Ithink I'm already a little jealous of him.

carrie*postma said...

oh goody gum drops! I can't wait to see all that BLUE!

Mom S said...

You're so cute showing the little collections of Boo's things! :o)
Luv Camm's comment...where does he come up with this stuff??