Friday, May 16, 2008


Ok so it's Friday morning & I realize I'd love to share some pics, but, I never seem to take them anymore! Scary since I'm a scrapbooker, I need pics to keep my habit, I mean, hobby going. If I can't manage to take pictures now, what's gonna happen once Boo is here? Life just gets too busy sometimes. When I realized this a couple weeks ago I had to really think about what my priorities are and which of them needs to be re-arranged. So, I have done my best to make the following commitments to myself, the Lord & my family.
  • read my bible every morning, or sometime during the day
  • walk 2 miles a day, 5 days a week
  • constantly ask the Lord for help to overcome my desire to stuff my face with sweets
  • make dinner 5 nights a week
  • no more fast-food lunches for the girls & I
  • when I have a thought of doing something around the house, "Just Do It"
  • start accepting help for anything offered by my husband, no matter how big or small
  • start asking family for help with the girls,
  • accept the fact that I need help, and that is perfectly OK, no one is going to think any less of me
  • get down on the floor & play more with my girls, they love the attention & so do I!
There ya go, a piece of my heart & inner most feelings/thoughts. Thanks for reading, it'll help keep me accountable.

Here are a few pics I took yesterday, Caylee's latest thing is to climb into the toy boxes to play with all the toys. It's funny because of course she can get in there, but she just can't seem to get out. So you know she's done playing when you hear a loud "Maaaaaamaaaaamaaaamaaa" & she's giving the ASL sign for "all done".


JoyNJesus said...

Great goals! Remember you can do ALL things through CHRIST who give you STRENGTH!!! Cute moment catch pics of caylee! hope to see ya soonm

:corinne: said...

Love your goals girlfriend...I'm with ya...I love setting goals for myself so YOU GO GIRL!!! Hee hee Caylee is too funny.

Laura said...

Thank you for the inspiration. Those are fabulous committments.

Carrie said...

Everything within!