Monday, May 19, 2008

a VERY SPECIAL mother's day

On Mother's Day we got to have our Butterfly dedicated to the Lord. How very special for all of us. The girls did great when we had to stand-up on the stage with our Pastor. Cami was a bit shy, having all the people look & wave at her, she actually ended up sitting at my feet. Thankfully, she didn't pick her nose, but she did pull her dress up to her face! Kids will be kids. You may also notice neither one of the girls are wearing shoes. Normally we are a flip-flop family, but both girls had kicked theirs off before we went onto the stage. Gotta love it! I love our church, it is so comfortable. Ok, I'm talking jiberish & not wanting to take the time to edit my post, I'm so excited to share these photos.
Here is a quick glimpse of the dedication, enjoy!


JoyNJesus said...

What a blessing! Those are the precious moments we love to remember! I am glad it made it a special Mommy's day for you.

Leah said...

What a special event to have on Mother's Day! Wish we could have been there! HUGS

carrie*postma said...

precious! Wish we could have been there but, of course your girls are in our hearts and prayers always!