Thursday, July 31, 2008

4 already!


I can't believe my "baby" is 4 today, wow how fast it goes.
I decided it would be fun to interview Cami (of course this will all be going on 
a LO for her scrapbook).

Favorite dinner: Grilled Cheese
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite Princess: Cinderella
Favorite dessert: Ice Cream (aka frozen yogurt)
Favorite cartoon: Little Bear
Favorite song to sing: Jesus Loves Me
Favorite song to dance to: the Hot Dog Dance (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
What else do you like?  ANYTHING Princess!  
(How did I end up with a girl who likes everything princess?)

Cami is a huge helper around the house, she loves to give hugs 'n kisses & she is an awesome big sister.  It's been a wonderful blessing to watch her become who she is today.  In just two short weeks Cami will be starting preschool & she couldn't be more excited!

All the pictures are from this week.


Addie said...

Happy Birthday! That first picture is so cute!

Mel said...

Happy Birthday, Cami! What a great idea to interview her. My oldest turned 4 just a few days before baby #3 arrived. She was a big helper then, too. It only gets better :)

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Cami! What a beautiful girl you are. Have a great time in preschool!!

carrie*postma said...

Big Girl! I am still having a hard time processing that she is 4...seriously?!