Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Prayers, please

Tonight I had my 38 week mid-wife apt.  She confirmed the reading of the Ultrasound, that as of  last week Boo was measuring 8 1/2 pounds, then.  Which by their terms means he could be 10 pounds if we are still pregnant come my due date, July 26th.  Before I continue on, please know 3 things;
  1. My prayer has been & continues to be, that the Lord's will be done regarding how Boo will be delivered
  2. I trust my mid-wife, fully
  3. I am very emotional as I share this with you
Due to the projected size of our little boy my mid-wife has fully recommended a c-section.  Why?  Because they believe it to be very possible that Boo would end up with shoulder dystocia.  (I looked at several websites trying to find the best description of this, and this was the best way I can think of to "explain" it to all who have never talked to a doctor about this topic.) 
So, now what?  I will be meeting with a doctor (instead of my mid-wife) on Thursday evening.  Basically the apt will be to further discuss the risks of natural delivery of a big baby, answer any more questions Cam or I have, and to possibly schedule a c-section (if that what we choose).

Now my big question was, what happens if my water breaks or my contractions become (more) regular?  Call Labor & Delivery @ our hospital & more then likely, they will have me come in right away.

Other details, I am 1cm dilated, 50% effaced & Boo is at -2 station.

I thank you all so much for your continued prayers and support.  As I have asked previously, please continue to pray that the Lord's will be done in regards to Boo's delivery & that when asked our final decision we have a full peace with that decision.


AmyInKy said...

Wow...you could have a big boy! I was terrified of c-sections, and ended up with two emergency ones. I have two healthy boys to show for them though. (I actually think I bounced back quicker after the second one!) It will work out. Just keep praying. :)

Mel said...

Oh Jess--so sorry that you have to deal with all this stressful info right before the birth! I really hope they are able to do what is best for the baby and that everything will go well for the delivery--no matter what type it is. His birth is so close--won't it be wonderful when he is actually here?!

Erica said...

Jess - It will work out for you! Once you have him in your arms - you will forget all of this! I had 3 c-sections (i was totally against them at first too). Ezra was 9lbs 13oz and I was glad that I had him c-section (after the fact). I can't wait to meet him!

Karen said...

Hang in there Jessica. I too had 2 c-sections and like Amy the 2nd one seemed to be easier to recover from. I can't wait to see a picture of your little boy. Good luck!

Laura said...

I am so praying for you. Rest in God's sovereignty no matter which way Boo is delivered. Yours and his health are the most important issues.

"For I know the thoughts I think toward you, syas the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope." -Jeremiah 29:11

carrie*postma said...

You will make the right decision because you are an awesome Mama. God's hand is on you and Boo...He already knows how this is all gonna go down (oh, bad pun, sorry). I was born with a broken collar bone... did you ever hear that story? :0)

PS..tell my Bro to blog already!

JoyNJesus said...

Jess, We know that the Lord has a perfect plan for you and the baby! We will continue to pray for His peace, wisdom, and strength! You will be just fine! Remember you are the Lord's daughter and He wants what is best for you!
Your all in our prayers!

:corinne: said...

We're praying...I've already talked to ya *wink*. Hopefully we'll be visiting you and lil Boo in the hospital!