Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pregnancy Brain

So if you have never claimed it, I'm sure you've heard another glowing-with-child woman say it "I have pregnancy brain, I just can't seem to remember like I use to".  Well I would like to think that my most recent "pregnancy brain" issue takes the cake, at least for me.
June 2nd I receive a jury summons, I'm suppose to report on Monday, June 30th.  I check the calendar and realize that I'm gonna be 36 weeks pregnant, not so sure that would be a good idea for me to be 45 minutes from home & who's gonna watch my girls?  So I quickly look over all the paperwork they send along and can't find a thing that says being pregnant is a valid excuse for being excused from serving....hmph...I'll need to look into this & be sure I get excused. goes on...very quickly...
Wednesday July 2nd, I pull my bills to pay them for the month.  And what do I find, yup, my jury summons, Monday June 30th!!!!!!!!!  Oh my, holy no, this is just not good.  Don't panic, the cops aren't at your door to take you away for not showing up Monday morning.  Deep breath, call Cam.  He says to call, talk to a Court Reporter & just tell the truth, it really is the best thing to do.  Really, I have to call them?
In reading through the paperwork again I realize they now have you call in the evening prior to your date of service.  A recording will tell you when to report.  I punch in my juror i.d. & wait to see what happens...let's remember, it's Wednesday & I was suppose to make this call on Sunday night...and the recording informs me "your group needs to call back tonight after 7pm to receive your report date and time".  Oh serious?  So, even if I'd called Sunday night then I would not have had to report to the court house yet...big sigh of relief.  Now, I need to still talk to a Court Reporter and see if I can get excused at this late date.  I can't tell you how many times I call & sit on hold, only to get hung-up on and hear a recording saying all lines are busy, please try calling back later...needless to say I NEVER get a hold of a live person to seek their help in getting excused (for being pregnant & having pregnancy brain, who would want me on their jury?).
I call with my juror i.d. at 7:15pm that night & the friendly lady on the recording says, "your group has not been selected to report at this time.  Thank you, your jury duty has now been served for the year."   Wha?????   Serious?  Praise the Lord!!!  
Needless to say I stopped and prayed, out loud, right then and there.  Talk about our Father's Grace, it is more then sufficient for us.  He knows what is best for His children.  (Now I don't have to worry about receiving another summons during the first year of Boo's life.)
That's my story, & I'm stickin' to it.  Because if it went any differently, I don't remember ;-)


Kell said...

I had pregnancy brain horribly with Elek. Couldn't remember anything.

I got a jury summons last week. Called to postpone it for a month or so, while on hold Elek begins screaming. When the woman answers she hears him and postpones my date until July of next year! Praise the Lord! (Still don't want to go next year!)

AmyInKy said...

That is just too funny! Glad it worked out for you. :)

carrie*postma said...

LOL...that is classic Mama-Brain! You have to put that on the "While we were waiting for you...." page in Boo's book! :0)