Sunday, November 23, 2008

& we're out

Well, Friday night was our last game for the 2008 season.  Contrary to popular belief, I am sad.  Although it is a lot of work to go to the games, I love it!  And so do the kids.  I'm gonna take this opportunity to brag on my husband.  From my perspective, being his wife, best friend & I'd like to think his biggest fan, he put his heart and soul into this season and gave his all to the other coaches on his staff & of course his players.  I'll admit I feel great pride when it's announced before every game "Head Coach, Cameron Stevens".  If I didn't have Caleb in the sling on me, I'd jump up and down to go along with my clapping & hollering I already do.
I am thankful we made it through this first season, we (Cam & I) learned a lot over the past several months, it has been and will continue to be a wonderful journey the Lord has started us on.  I very much look forward to all the seasons to come.

At the beginning of the season, I tried to go to a game on my own with all 3 kids.  It became quickly apparent that I needed help.  With having Caleb either nursing, or sleeping in my sling, I simply needed another set of hands for the girls.  God is so good, not but minutes after sending up a quick prayer of help did some of the players moms come over & offer to help.  From that game on someone was always by my side to help get the girls their dinner & snacks, take Cami to the bathroom and allow me to watch a few minutes of the game.  It was a real blessing to me and the kids.  I'm happy to say that I learned a good lesson and am thankful for all the moms who unselfishly helped in all ways.
An extra special thanks to our friend Kathy, she's the beautiful lady in this picture with Caylee.  Kathy went above and beyond for us.  Not a game went by without Kathy bringing the girls some special treats.  She would also have me call her when I arrived at the games & would walk to the van and help me load everyone and every thing on the stroller.  Her husband and daughter also loved helping out with the kids.  Thank you Nicholson family!

(This post was written last weekend, but I never hit "publish" LOL!)


Carrie Postma said...

I am so proud of my baby Bro. He is living his dream and allowing God to use him along the way.
YOU are a fabulous wife and I could not have picked a better mate for my brother.
I hope someday us Postma's can see Uncle Cammy in action (and help you with the kids!)
I love you guys!

JoyNJesus said...

God is good! Great season; wish i could have made more games! Next year! Thank you Lord for people who serve and show the LOVE of JESUS! The Nicholson Famliy is just such a blessing! I am so glad you had help!

Mom said...

I'm so proud of both you & Camm. Camm for being such an example of a godly man & witness on & off the field!! You, being such a trooper to be at all the games with three babies! Thanks to the Nicholson's, too...such a great, giving family!

cathy said...

Now you have time to do a random list... I tagged you!!

:corinne: said...

A wonderful season for Camm. What an example he is to the boys and fellow coaching staff. I'm there with you, when you say that you're bummed football season is over with. I'm bummed too. But, hey we have next season! :)

Erica said...

Jess -
I am glad you guys had a great football season. It sounds like you had some great helpers too! Can;t wait to see you! I tagged you on my blog.