Sunday, November 02, 2008

Your Calvary Murrieta Warriors

I know, I know...Everyone out there has been wondering, when is Cam gonna update us on his football season.  Well, your wish has come true!  The Warriors have had a tough season this year.  We have played a very tough schedule.  Here is a breakdown so far:

Game 1: CMCS (10) vs. L.A. Baptist (25): 0-1
Game 2: CMCS (43) vs. Horizon (43): 0-1-1
Game 3: CMCS (6) vs. Ontario Christian (25): 0-2-1
Game 4: CMCS (14) vs. Heritage (28): 0-3-1
Game 5: CMCS (48) vs. Capistrano Valley Christian (13): 1-3-1
Game 6: CMCS (7) vs. Lakeside (28): 1-4-1
Game 7: CMCS (51) vs. Firebaugh (2): 2-4-1
Game 8 (league): CMCS (37) vs. Hamilton (7): 3-4-1/1-0
Game 9 (league): CMCS vs. Linfield Christian - November 7
Game 10 (league): CMCS vs. Riverside Christian - November 14

If the Warriors win one out of the last two games, we will advance to the playoffs.  They will both be very tough games.  Stay tuned to your local "On Bended Knee" blog, as I will come back to update you at the end of the regular season.  God bless you and GO WARRIORS!


:corinne: said...

Congratulations on a FABO win this past weekend! Keep it going!!! Goooooo Warriors!!!

Carrie Postma said...

WHOOP! WHOOP! Go Warriors!!!!!

Mum said...

Hope to hear the same results this week!!! Christian Warriors vs.the Lions...praying for all the 'Daniel's' on your team!!! :o)