Monday, January 10, 2011

#1 of 365

My goal, to add a blessing every day to this list.

My reason, to look back at this list, as often as needed, to remind me that my Father will show me daily he loves me. It comes in all ways, not always obvious & those are the ones I want to learn to appreciate and praise my Lord for!

#1 - My baby boy climbed onto my lap, blanket in hand, curled up & took an hour nap.

Why a blessing? He's 2 1/2 years old, doesn't really need a nap and we where at a friends house! His way of showing that I can still bring him enough comfort to completely relax, a wonderful mama moment for me.


:corinne: said...

Love the new blog look and your 365 day goal. Awesome. I'm looking forward to read everyday and be blessed by your day to day blessings. :)

cathy said...

"I can still bring him enough comfort to completely relax"

What a wonderful way to look at that moment. Never thought about it that way with my kiddos!