Wednesday, January 12, 2011

#12 of 365

Jan 12th - My Wednesday Blessing
As Cami was unpacking her backpack after school today she handed an envelope to me.
Not unusual for her to bring things home for Cam & I to review or sign, etc.
As I took the envelope I realized someone had handwritten my name, and more eye catching was the 'From'. It actually said 'From Jehovah'. This took my breath, in remembering I learned that Jehovah Jireh in fact means, The Lord will provide. I realized whatever was inside this envelope, was my Father providing for something me, or my family needed.
~I don't feel it's necessary to share what was in the letter, that's not what I want to share about.~
What I do want to share, is that someone out there, responded to something our Father put on their heart. My prayer tonight, is that I listen, acknowledge, and act upon those feelings my Father puts upon my heart. It could be for you!
Thank you Daddy for loving me so much that you chose someone(s) who loves you and listens to your prompting. Please bless them ten fold!


Carrie Postma said...

He meets our needs, always. I love the times He blesses us in ways we didn't know we needed blessing!

cathy said...

I need to learn more about His names and the promises they hold.

:corinne: said...

So cool Jess. Loved that they had put that "From Jehovah". Truly a blessing, He will always provide exactly what we need. Awesome promise.