Thursday, January 13, 2011

#13 of 365

My toffee-nut blessing...

What's your mindset when sitting in a drive-thru?

Being distracted with a million things.
  • the cell phone
  • the 'I need this/I want that' cry from the backseat(s)?
  • the search for your cash or debit card?
  • the mind numbing questions inside of 'Should I have really hit the drive thru? Couldn't I make this at home? Am I being smart with the resources I've been blessed with?'
I'm pretty much all of the above!
Today I was excited to take advantage of my come-in-to-Starbucks-for-your-free-drink-&-we-will-convince-you-to-spend-$-on-something-while-you-wait ;-) postcard...
My kids where actually enjoying all the card in front of us had for them to point-out.
  • the drivers pretty hair (you could see the beehive above the seat)
  • the bright orange, oversized die hanging from her rearview mirror
  • the license plate frame that said 'I heart dogs'
  • and the numerous bumper stickers
I did my best to respond to their excitement for all they saw. I did my best, but I could of done better. My blessing? I distractedly pulled up to the window & before I could think the barista said, it's on the lady that was in front of you. She paid your full bill & said 'happy new year'.
What? I nearly hit the gas pedal so I could catch another glimpse of her car.
Instead, I told the barista what a huge, unexpected, undeserving blessing it was & have been praying for the bee-hive, oversized orange die lady all day!


Nikki said...

Such a blessing and no doubt you will find her someday to thank her. I don't think a bee-hive, oversized orange die lady could hide in this town. =)

cathy said...

What an amazing lady!! I'm glad you were behind her!