Friday, January 14, 2011

#14 of 365

One of the 'jobs' I was blessed with this past April is being the Pen Pal Director for All Things Possible Ministries. To tell you how much this work has touched me, deep down, would take just too long. I know, that the Lord had this job for me, knowing it would be a way for Him to work on healing my heart and hurts.
Just a few of the parts of this position are;
  • Receiving letters from incarcerated youth, and reading each one of them!
  • Accepting (Pen Pal) applications from loving, willing to reach out, people who love our Father.
  • Receiving what we call Contact Cards from locked up youth. It's an insert that is part of the book, The Victor Marx Story, With God All Things Are Possible.
  • Matching up the youth who are requesting a Pen Pal.
  • Writing letters to the ladies that write in.
  • Most importantly, praying for each letter, contact card & Pen Pal!
Anywho, in December All Things Possible had the blessed opportunity to ship out thousands of The Victor Marx Story book to youth detention facilities across the nation. This could blow open doors that have been slammed shut & padlocked for us to come visit and share the light, love, and hope of our Heavenly Father!

So, today we received two special letters. One, was from a YDC saying thank you for the books. The other letter, was a request for our ministry to come in, speak, share, and visit with over 200 of their locked up youth! PRAISE THE LORD, is an understatement! Needless to say, when I opened this second letter, I started to well up with tears of praise and thanksgiving.

To learn more about this ministry and all behind it, you can friend 'Victor Marx' on facebook and signup for the ministry email by visiting their website (see link above).

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