Sunday, December 10, 2006

Her first Shiner!!!

I've gotta share these pics...poor Cami. The story; last Sunday she was on our bed messing around. I was in the laundry room & Cam was in the living room. Next thing we knew, Cami was crying HARD! We both ran to her, naturally. As I was holding her Cam saw the red and purple come to life! Poor baby. She is just fine & is healing like a champ.
Now if I had a football jersey on hand, I would have dressed her up in that for the pics, hee hee.


Leah said...

Get that girl a trampoline! Poor baby - give her kisses for us!! :)

Karen W said...

Poor thing....but it's bound to happen at this age because they love to "play" and have no fear. Glad she's handling it well.

Anonymous said...

oh no! poor Cami Girl!
I'm surprised this is her first...doing pretty good!!!
give her kisses from Auntie Coco!!!