Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Welcome Home Stevens Family, Welcome Home

Most of you know the journey our family has been on looking for a new home in California. To say that the Lord provides is an understatement. The way in which this home came about, the timing & all the other details have been awesome, and the Lord has definitely taken care of EVERYTHING! He deserves all the glory for this, Praise Him!

On Saturday Cam, Cami & I set out for a morning of looking at homes with our faithful agent Randy Cameron. This particular home was the last of the morning and once I stepped inside I looked at Cam and said "I love it, this is it". A bit taken back he encouraged me to look around the rest of the home. It's perfect for us. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a big greatroom, kitchen with a nook & an awesome backyard. Cami started playing out back right away. That evening Cam & I started praying about the home. By Sunday morning we decided we wanted to see the house again. So, Monday night Randy took us back. Needless to say when Cam & I walked into the house again, it already started to feel like home. We submitted our offer at 5:45pm Monday night, & Tuesday morning at 8:15am we heard from our agent, they accepted our offer!!! No back and forth, no changes, nothing, just accepted our offer! Wow, how often does that happen? And no, we did not offer them their asking price.

So, who's available to help me clean on Friday January 12th? Then we need muscle on Saturday January 13th. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come by. If it's to help, great, if it's to check out the new place, that's fine too. We are so blessed & excited we just want to share what the Lord has done for our family.


Brianna Fantasia said...

CONGRATULAIONS!!!! The Lord truely does take care of us!! I can't wait to come and see it!!!
Love all 4 of you!!!

carrie*postma said...

I am soooooo EXCITED for you guys! Its a darling house!
God is oh so good!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jess!! That is SO COOL!!! God is awesome! Heidi :)

Anonymous said...


I'll bring my hand truck ;)

Uncle Dave

Leah said...

No doubt God is taking care of you!!! Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

Turn about is fair play!!!!! Congrats!!!!
I will see if I can get Fri off to come and help CLEAN!!!! otherwise we will be there later in the day or early in the am with bells on!!!!:0)